What are Kool Kapz?

Developed to fit inside a baseball cap, bucket hat or other Kool Kapz pocketed headwear. Kool Kapz have been created to cool your head and provide relief when the heat is on.


Freeze gel packs for 1-2 hours.  Once removed from freezer, place in cooler of ice or ice/water until ready to insert into cooling headwear (baseball hat, bucket hat, bandana, doo rag, skull cap). Follow neurologist suggested guidelines below.

  1. Insert cold gel pack into pocket of chosen style cooling headwear.
  2. Apply for 20-30 minutes at a time.
  3. Remove gel pack from pocket and return to cooler.
  4. While gel packs can maintain their coolness for up to 45-60 minutes (depending on current weather environment), it is recommended to follow general medical professional advice, as if applying an ice pack to an injured area.  
  5. Allow for 20-30 minutes of sufficient rest before reapplying/inserting another gel pack from cooler or freezer into cooling headwear.
  6. Having a cycle of “20-30 minutes on, 20-30 minutes off” (ON/OFF Method) is recommended.

​*Avoid applying extreme cold temperature to any extremity for longer periods of time as this may damage the skin, thus the advice for using the ON/OFF method above.   Because of the cloth barrier between gel pack and head, as well as any hair, the gel pack should provide temporary cooling relief.

  • Recreational

    • Team Sports
    • Fishing & Boating
    • Golf
    • Motorcycling
    • Bicycling
    • Running
    • Gardening & Yardwork
  • Work

    • Construction
    • Road Crews
    • Asphalt Crews
    • Welders
    • And More
  • Keeps Your Head Cool

  • Reusable & Safe

  • Portable & Easy to Use

The Story of Kool Kapz

My name's Chuck. The idea for Kool Kapz came from a hot June day in Arizona. As a tenured baseball umpire, I’ve grown accustomed to working ball games in all types of weather, and this particular day was blazing hot, typical for Arizona in the summer. As I worked a game, I began to feel the effects of the heat and my usual tactics of water and a cool, damp towel were not working. As a last resort, I decided to toss two handfuls of ice into my cap before taking the field again. To my surprise, I began to feel better! And the effects of the heat seemed to lessen as my head cooled. 


Bring Kool Kapz to Your Customers

From athletes, and cyclists, to construction workers and soldiers. Kool Kapz can keep your customers comfortable while they’re working or playing. Learn more about becoming a distributor for Kool Kapz

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